Sunday, May 22, 2011


Willie Nelson - You Were always on My Mind.

Welcome to Linspiration and Lindulgence - mostly today my post is about people who inspire me by their persistence and dogged  endurance of circumstances that would probably drive me insane.

Those who stand tall for what they believe and know to be right and document everything clearly and accurately - it is difficult and messy, heart breaking and tiring but they go on towards reaching a satisfactory conclusion and I am inspired.

Those who have known loss and yet go on supporting others kindly and gently - I wish you strength.

Those who have sick members of family and yet still have time to be humerous and encouraging of others.

Nursing Staff who still take the time to be in touch with me inspire me and I love hearing all the news and the comings and goings in the ward.

Beautiful music of all genres inspires me and I hope you enjoy this one - You Were always on my Mind - I have a very soft spot for Willie Nelson.

Wherever you are on your journey I wish you strength and thank you for inspiring me.

I have been thoroughly indulged this weekend with two long and lazy days, lots of reading and very little work, phone calls to friends I had lost touch with and visits from my daughter, nice coffee and warmth.

This blog has also had a little facelift and thanks for indulging me.

Thank you for your INSPIRATION and your INDULGENCE.

Love and hugs,

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  1. It is you who inspire me to go for gold, reach for the stars and smile as I do so.
    Thank you for sharing yourself in the hope of helping others.
    If what goes around, comes around then there is a lot of love and kindness around you to last for years each day.